Plastic Recycling Handling Systems

Crosswire Extractor CWE-1200

Our unique solution for de-wiring of crosswise wired mixed plastic bales

Capacity 80 bales/h (120 t/h)

Bale weight max. 1500 kg

Dewiring effciency min. 90 %

Plant availability min. 99 %

Innovation meets Responsibility

FMW creates highly efficient sustainable solutions for plastic recycling systems

True to our slogan "Engineers of Progress, we engineer handling machines which embody innovative design -thought through to the smallest detail -
uncompromising quality and superior performance and reliability.

Together with our partners and clients we constantly push the progress of the recycling industry in terms of efficiency and sustainability. The latest proof of that is our Crosswire Extractor CWE-1200.

Additionally FMW offers solutions for bale breaking and all kinds of conveyor technology.