Energy Efficient Cooling

Decarbonization and saving energy with special cooling solutions

Energy efficient E-room cooling and more 

BM Green Cooling GmbH

Why reliable cooling is important in control rooms?

If cooling in control rooms is compromised, costs can be high (production disruptions) Insufficient cooling or interruptions in cooling can raise temperature in a control room rapidly Running cost savings of modern cooling systems compared to old technologies are significant

BM Green cooling is focused on Mission Critical Cooling and is also experienced in cleanrooms and IT-rooms

From ideas to working cooling system

Main technical advantages:

Leader in concept of high medium temperatures and therefore high freecooling ratio

Experienced in river and fountain water use and waste heat recovery

Experienced in working with aggressive air, corrosion resistant   solutions

Fully compatible with most common Process Control Systems (PCSs), for example Siemens S7 and Valmet DNA

Possibility for either 400V or 690V electrical supply

Continuous operation 8760h/a, redundancy system for failures and maintenance during operation

Easy-to-clean and -maintenance equipment Simple technology for high reliability