Advice and Analysis from Clothing Optimisation to Patent Protection

Papermachine Consultancy Services comprises a group of highly-qualified, experienced and independent personnel, each with their own areas of expertise.   These include aspects of machine design, performance measurement and optimisation, machine clothing assessment and intellectual property reviews.

Our team operate world-wide and can advise you regarding capital equipment and consumables purchase and provide significant cost-savings and product enhancement.

 We tailor our services to suit your specific needs,  starting with a Machine Performance Audit and / or an
Expense Reduction Audit during which we benchmark and report against industry standards.

Our experts can advise you on a whole range of machine-related activities

  • Need an unbiased view of clothing performance or suitability?
  • Want to engineer improvements in forming, press, dryer or TAD fabric sections?
  • Interested in an independent analysis of current or proposed clothing budgets?
  • Or advice on how to both optimise and economise shoe press belting?
  • Maybe you want a third-party assessment of your impending machine purchase?