The need for the paper mills to increase the production speed and minimise maintenance time has driven paper producers evermore towards formation on either one or multi-fourdrinier cantilever machines. De Iuliis soon identified the need for appropriate solutions and it has devoted many of its resources to the development and optimisation of such equipment.

Nowadays the cantilever multi-fourdrinier machines, together with air cushioned headboxes are the Company’s flagships in the formation field.

  1. Cantilever wire frames
  2. Drive rolls
  3. Bronze or stainless steel couch rolls
  4. Breast rolls
  5. Wire guide rolls
  6. Forming boards
  7. Single foils
  8. Hydrofoils
  9. Vacuum foils
  10. Suction boxes
  11. Inox doctors
  12. Automatic regulators
  13. Mechanical stretchers
  14. Pneumatic stretchers
  15. High and low pressure oscillating showers
  16. Automatic cross cutting system
  17. Dandy rolls


In order to satisfy the more and more exigent market and thanks to its great flexibility, De Iuliis is able to utilize any type of material in the construction of its equipment. It uses both painted or covered carbon steel and stainless steel of any kind. De Iuliis has put a particular care in the choice of the materials to use, in order to prolong the life of each element of the plants, such as: aluminum for the movable parts, ceramic coverings for drainage parts and hard rubber for rolls.