Tailored Solutions from a Team of Industry Experts

Independently owned and run, Papermachine Consultancy Services place a high value on integrity and professionalism.  We have a wide range of consultants with proven skills, expertise and experience and the team for each project is chosen to maximise results and minimise cost.

We know we are doing things right as our company is growing - mostly through referrals and by word of mouth.

A High Calibre  Service

Providing a wide range of technical consultancy services, we operate throughout most of the world, providing customised solutions for increased productivity and  paper quality.

We focus on the attention to detail of machine and clothing design and application and on maximising the synergies between the two elements.

Whether you are a long-established manufacturer looking for a fresh appraisal or if you need an independent view on machine clothing issues in a fresh start-up, we can offer expertise that will allow you to progress quickly and effectively. 

With specialist knowledge in the production of high  bulk tissue on the latest machinery, we can also assist those needing to find practical solutions to handling the very latest machine configurations.