Web / Sheet Moisture Measurement

It is always the right time to invest in new measurement techniques
Visilab AK30

portable moisture meter, paper

Visilab AK30

Visilab MK30

portable moisture meter, thick materials (NEW)

Visilab MK30

Visilab MK30 LP

moisture meter, thick materials (NEW)

Visilab MK 30LP

Sensorik 1

On-line moisture measurement for difficult positions

Sensorik, SensoWeb

Sensorik 1

Web break system for demanding positions

Sensorik, SensoWeb

Products Intended Use....

AK 30 is the only portable moisture meter designed especially for paper industry.

  • Wallpaper
  • Cigarette paper
  • Liner & packaging
  • Security paper
  • Corrugated box manufacturing
  • Check fluctuations in scanner measurement About 150 microns

The MK30 is a brand new moisture

Meter to measure to a depth of n 30 mm, pulp, cartons, black papers.

Manufactured and developed by Visilab:

  • Accuracy 1-03%
  • Can be measured directly from the track
  • Also measures the moisture profile

New Moisture Meter MK30LP (Low Profile) Deep Moisture Based on Microwave Sensing

This is our new unique on-line moisture meter with exceptional properties. New applications open up in pilot machines, research studies and other QC tasks. It has one or two sensing heads. The DUAL version is capable of measuring moisture change in a process.

Benefits Process Monitoring:

  • Visual examination of process suspensions with live camera view
  • Providing detailed, real-time measurement data for

process control

  • Replacing manual sampling and analysis procedures in quality control
  • Analyzing process variations with continuous inline measurements replacing occasional laboratory analyses
  • Documenting and reporting product quality
  • Benchmarking raw materials, suppliers, process lines, etc. promoting Best Practice Methods
  • Providing means for trouble-shooting

Sensorik, SensoWeb Moist”. This sensor allows earliest possible moisture measurements starting right after the Forming section, all the way down to the Reeler, in harsh and polluted environment.

Sensorik, SensoWeb Felt, utilizing NIR Multispectral technology to detect sheet breaks based on the specific surface absorptions of different materials, such as paper and plastic. Allowing reliable detection, no matter if the colours of the web or background wire / felt are changing.