Water Management Systems


Keep the H2S odour away and increase the DO in discharge water


Improve your water management with New State-of-the-Art Technology

Sansox provides new technology and applications for different kinds of water. In other words, SansOx solutions help you to improve the quality of your water. Whether it is treating potable water or wastewater or water in a natural water system.


Keep the H2S odor away and increase the DO in discharge water

The forming of hydrogen sulphate (H2S) can be prevented by keeping the dissolved oxygen (DO) level at certain in the

wastewater. Instead bringing water from surface to bottom or vice versa, Sansox’s OxTube can be installed to pipeline and dissolve air or compressed air into water. Other



possibility is to install ClariOx, that consist of OxTube, pump (either submergible or centrifugal) and hoses or pipes, to the pond and area where there is a need for extra DO.