Support and optimisation of FMW and third-party raw material handling equipment

Optimised runnability and availability considering economical efficiency


  • Increase of machinery and plant efficiency
  • Cost saving
  • Avoidance of system failures and breakdowns
  • Increased safety at work
  • High quality of spare and wear parts
  • Austrian quality work


Our quality management is certified to ISO 9001:2015, so that all our services are carried out in accordance within strict guidelines - ensuring the highest quality standards

FMW‘s aftermarket services at a glance :

In-House Screw Production

Field Service & Inspection

Refurbishing Works

Plant Optimisation & Modernisation

Spare & Wear Part Service

Single Machines

In-house screw production

FMW  has in-house screw production, which ensures

  • quicker reaction time
  • short lead times
  • the highest quality standards

Field service and inspection

Field services

As a highly customer-oriented company with a keen interest in long-term partnerships, we accompany our customers from the very start of each
project right through to ongoing follow-up services.

Preventive maintenance performed by FMW field service and inspection experts offers the highest possible operational reliability. In acute critical situations our 24h hotline is at our maintenance contract partners‘ disposal.

Maintenance Contracts

The equipment is inspected periodically, so that possible system problems can be identified at an early stage. Necessary repairs can be carried out at the right time to avoid consequent plant shutdowns.

During the preventive maintenance visit by our trained professionals the services provided include:

  • Thorough inspection of your FMW (or third-party) machinery
  • Mechanical adjustment of the machinery to return it to original specification
  • Electrical / programming adjustment of the machinery to return it to original specification
  • Evaluation of wear part condition
  • Co-ordination of spare parts requirements
  • Written assessments of your machinery’s technical condition
  • (service report; traffic light valuation for action required) 

FMW service & inspection app

Our service team uses our in-house developed app as an innovative tool to evaluate the data recorded during field services and plant inspections. A detailed database of our performed services provides a gapless chronology of the plants‘ history.


Conversion or repair work of the conveyor systems are carried out by our trained and experienced service team, either on site or at FMW, so that the system corresponds to the latest state of the art. Remodelling work is of course possible, not only for FMW equipment but also for other systems.

Plant optimization and modernization

to increase productivity and quality

Plant optimization

We upgrade the performance and efficiency of industrial plants. Based on the site inspection we develop individual optimization concepts by joining state-of-the-art technology with our customers‘ specific requirements. In addition to our own FMW systems, we also convert third-party systems. The scope for the plant optimization includes mechanical components as well as electrical controls and also new safety concepts.

Spare and wear part service

Fast and uncomplicated

From the start we provide our customer with critical tailor-made spare and wear
parts packages. This ensures availability for maintenance work at all times.
FMW reacts on short notice to customers spare part request

Single Machines

To further improve your operation FMW also offers a wide range of single machines.

Our supply ranges from small rag cutters to large silo discharge screws and screens.

See Examples of Single Machines

See Examples