AOKI Machinery Co.,LTD.



Introducing the New and “Guaranteed” Dryer Fabric Cleaning System


The “AOKI Cleaner”

This award-winning technical innovation in dryer fabric cleaning technology from AOKI Machinery of Japan is now available in Europe, offering:


  • Increased  Productivity  -  fewer sheet breaks
  • Sheet  Quality  Improvements  -  improved moisture profiles
  • Real  Cost  Savings  -  less maintenance and lower running costs

                                                      “Finally”, as in this case study, a cleaner which significantly extends effective fabric life :


The innovative AOKI Cleaner takes an entirely new approach to the removal of contaminants from dryer fabric surfaces.

The AOKI Cleaner is not an aggressive mechanical system, which ultimately damages fabric integrity, nor is it an oscillating spot cleaner, which can be ineffective in maintaining even permeability over the entire fabric surface and which is typically high-maintenance.

Instead the AOKI Cleaner utilises a series of specially designed, tapered-edge blades which create a      “foil phenomenon” to continually keep the fabric clean across its entire width.

                                                                     PRINCIPLE                                                                        RESULT


Further, the AOKI Cleaner comprises a low-energy 0.4KW oscillation motor which assists debris removal.


  • Effective full-width dryer fabric cleaning, significantly extending useful fabric life
  • Improved MD and CD sheet profiles through more even moisture removal over the fabric life
  • Greater production consistency with fewer sheet breaks by minimising contaminants
  • Time savings with less maintenance of fabric run components
  • Cost savings with no requirement for water or chemical-based cleaning or high energy usage



So confident is the Company in the effectiveness of this system, they even guarantee to accept return of the cleaner unit if any customer is not entirely satisfied!         Unprecedented in our industry!