De Iuliis has been operating both nationally and internationally for over 50 years, supplying paper machines to a satisfied and loyal clientele.
All models of the SR2000 series of rewinders have hydraulic drives for the various motions. They can produce finished reels of 2000mm diameter, unwind other rolls of up to 3000mm diameter and can be linked to both AC and DC motors, according to customer requirements.
In keeping with safety requirements, the Company has gone beyond the fundamental requirements of the European Regulations. De Iuliis has invested considerable resources into perfecting a new management and control system. Specific software guarantees the running and safety of rewinders by intervening on the machine if the operator performs his job in potentially dangerous conditions. For this reason, De Iuliis offers a light curtain system on all SR series rewinders. These light curtains create a mesh to reveal the presence of people or objects in the control area.
They are fixed at floor level and monitor the whole environment within the enclosed area, stopping the machine should there be any personnel in that protected area.


Technological innovation and the desire for customer satisfaction has led to the development of the range of SR2000 series rewinders. This line of rewinders, which has been in production for more than 10 years, stands out in its ever-increasing automation aimed at reducing idle time.
Paper introduction has been accelerated with a series of innovations. Flat belts have been placed on the first paper guide. A series of blows and deflectors takes the sheet to the rear supporting reel where a second group of belts, allied with suction, placed on the reel itself, takes the paper to the correct position to be adhered to the paper core.
The SR2000 series, of simple conception and sturdy construction, has been developed to meet the ever-increasing requirements of the productivity of the paper mills operating in the packaging paper sector. Modifications introduced over the years have made the SR2000 desirable for other types of product.
The use of rubber coatings on the main drums and the pressure roll, together with the introduction of oscillating mandrels, for example, have made the SR series suitable for rewinding even very lightweight coated paper by means of the electronic control on the winding tension.
The introduction of an unwinder with independent shoulders and automation of the mandrels means different continuous machines can be fed with considerably different formats and with very short set-up times. This solution is of great interest to those operating in the coated and non-coated paper sector because board machines have low speeds and most of the production is directly cut into sheets.