Modern headbox design with rectifier rolls, a tapered cross header and multistep manifold.
The headbox is designed to create microturbulence to guarantee the perfect distribution of the stock - avoiding the phenomenon of flocculation on the wire and assuring a CD profile with minimal variation and well within international standards.


The headbox, entirely made of stainless steel, is manufactured with components which are bolted together. The internal surfaces are finely polished with Ra=0,2.
All the adjustment, either manual or automatic with remote control, can be performed with the machine in operation.
Interstices for the thermal exchange for the temperature control are provided.
It is possible to correct the CD profile with manual micrometric actuators or motorized ones, controlled by the PLC Digital display for lip opening of impulse-count type with a set up value.
Total head and level are independently controlled working either under pressure or with vacuum inside.
An overflow recycle is provided for applications which require a wide range of working conditions.